Control the Request Funnel

Issue identification & scoping:

Let anyone in the organization that identifies a problem or issue and determines that it may require a change. The scope of the issue and its possible impact are estimated.

ECR creation:

Examine the necessity and feasibility of the change, to identify parts, components, and documentation that might be affected, to estimate costs, and to list the resources required to implement the change.

ECR review:

Circulated for review and discussion among key stakeholders to continuously modified as needed.

ECO Onboarding

Orcanos Engineering Change Order (ECO) software will digitally document and control ongoing change processes within the product lifecycle.

Documents related to Standard Operating Procedures, product design specifications, drawings, part inventory, compliance forms can be tracked from the approval to the execution stage, all of which allow stakeholders to electronically sign-off on a specific requirement.

The ECO Foundation

A complete set of basic principles of the Orcanos engineering change order module. This course will take you step by step though all the components that build the ECO process, to get the full picture.

Compliance & Governance

Orcanos build in compliance and governance engine will keep you auditing in real time the ECO process. Changing from passive to proactive will make your quality system resistible to audits and non conformities that can be prevented.

Document Release

The release of an ECO involved deep understanding of the decisions that were made in the CCB committee and the team ability to comply with theses decisions. You will learn how to publish the CCB decisions and communicate them to the team and at the same time to evaluate the results in order to officially release documents and records.

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Dashboards and Reports

The course equip the student with full knowledge on how to design and implement needed reports and alerts to help completely control and communicate ECO data information to the team who leads the ECO process.